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How Much Exposure Does Your Precious Metals Refiner Have in the Republic Bankruptcy?

When the news came out that Florida gold and silver refinery Republic Metals Corp. had filed for bankruptcy, many were surprised to find so many other companies that hold themselves out as “gold refiners” listed on the petition as unsecured creditors. Equally jaw-dropping were the amounts Republic said it owed these companies:  millions of dollars […]

New Developments in the Republic Bankruptcy Leaves Customers Who Bought Metals Out in the Cold.

Litigation surrounding Republic’s bankruptcy continues in the Southern District of New York in lower Manhattan. Pease & Curren provided initial insights here, bankruptcy FAQs here, and now provides an update on some of the important issues that have come up as the case proceeds. The Court Approved An Investigation of the Rubin Family Creditors Will […]

The Republic Bankruptcy: Frequently Asked Questions

News of the bankruptcy of Republic Metals Corp., a large Florida precious metals refinery, and its affiliate, has rocked the precious metals industry. Read Pease & Curren’s initial analysis of the bankruptcy here. Since that first post, a number of our colleagues and customers have been trying to understand what this means for them and […]