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Government ban on the export of gold and copper concentrates

Read an article today about “Golden Handcuffs” in the Economist.  Apparently this ban on exporting gold & copper concentrates went into effect back in March. It is a serious stand-off that is certain to affect the supply and demand of gold in the US. https://www.economist.com/news/business/21723427-row-raises-concerns-mining-firms-across-africa-tanzanias-firebrand-leader-takes-its

Our statement on conflict free precious metals refining and third party certification

In recent months the topic of gold mining in high risk regions has brought great controversy to the precious metals market and the precious metals refining industry as a whole. Many refiners have chosen to get “certified” through a third party audit. Recent events have proved third party audits do not guarantee a refiner is […]

How illegal gold mining affects you

Over the past few months we have heard of precious metals refiners closing down over violations to the Dodd-Frank legislation.  Dodd-Frank as many of our readers know requires most larger companies to practice due diligence to ensure that any gold coming from certain countries is sourced properly. When refiners don’t comply with the legislation there […]

Disheartening news in our industry

Precious metals refiners are always fighting a bad reputation.  At Pease & Curren we try hard to do the right thing.  We do not accept gold from anyone except legitimate businesses.  We question gold bars and often times do not take them because we are not sure of their origin.  It is disheartening to hear when […]

Is it exploitation or a series of blunders?

Is it exploitation or a series of blunders? While we don’t chance processing mined materials, we do hear story after story such as the one here, of investors investing in an industry they know very little about.  Investors facilitating industrial growth for desperate governments and societies to build much needed infrastructure and aid for communities. […]