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Market Crashes, Broken Tractors, And Gorilla Heads: Steph Mazzone Reflects On Thirteen Years In The Precious Metal/gold Refining Industry

A lot can happen in thirteen years, especially in the topsy-turvy world of precious metal/gold refining. But even knowing that, when Frank Curren sat down with Steph Mazzone to reflect on her thirteen years in the biz, he was surprised by the wild tales she unleashed. It’s been thirteen years, Steph! How did you get […]

New Developments in the Republic Bankruptcy Leaves Customers Who Bought Metals Out in the Cold.

Litigation surrounding Republic’s bankruptcy continues in the Southern District of New York in lower Manhattan. Pease & Curren provided initial insights here, bankruptcy FAQs here, and now provides an update on some of the important issues that have come up as the case proceeds. The Court Approved An Investigation of the Rubin Family Creditors Will […]

Investing During Political Turmoil and Economic Uncertainty

The financial markets have entered a wild period of extremely high volatility in the final months of 2018. A rare “perfect storm” hit investors as stocks, commodities, and bonds all tumbled in unison  for the first time in decades. The economic picture is confusing, as this downward spiral comes atypically in a time when unemployment […]

The Republic Bankruptcy: Frequently Asked Questions

News of the bankruptcy of Republic Metals Corp., a large Florida precious metals refinery, and its affiliate, has rocked the precious metals industry. Read Pease & Curren’s initial analysis of the bankruptcy here. Since that first post, a number of our colleagues and customers have been trying to understand what this means for them and […]

News: Republic Metals Corp. and Republic Refining Corp. Files Bankruptcy

The Precious Metals industry has been rocked by news that Republic Metals has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the Southern District of New York as of Friday, November 2, 2018. The bankruptcy filing will give the company protection from its creditors in the immediate term as the company works on restructuring its business […]

Preparing for the Holidays in the Age of the Robots

With trick-or-treating still on the horizon, it is hard to believe that online retailers like Amazon are already starting to prepare for December’s holiday rush. As witches, vampires, and candied apples are filling the shelves of America’s convenience stores, legions of robots have invaded its warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment centers, the Wall Street Journal reports . […]